Are you expecting or do you have a baby or toddler and are afraid of what it will be like camping with them? There is no need to fear, camping with a baby can be fun when you are prepared and have the right gear. It also teaches them early on how to travel well so you can continue to have many adventures as they grow.

I have three kids and have camped with them all since they were 6 weeks old. Looking back, it was actually a lot easier to camp while they were babies because they slept so much and had no choice but to go with the flow. Best of all they now have so much gear available to make things easier. Here are some tips and recommended products to make your trips more enjoyable.

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Feeding Time

If you have a newborn, obviously one of the things they will be doing most is eating. We recommend when traveling to stop every 2-4 hours to give them a break from the carseat and to feed and change them on their normal schedule.

Once you have arrived at the campsite, feeding older babies and toddlers is simple in this Baby Delight Go With Me Chair which is a camping chair that also has a highchair attachment. This was given to us a gift when our third child was born and we use it all of the time. We love it has a detachable sunshade and is designed with safety features in mind like a latch that doesn’t pinch and it doesn’t tip. We love to use this at snack time. The highchair feature is detachable so it is easy to clean.

Another option which is great for mealtime is the Chicco Hook On Chair which is great to have on hand to attach to the picnic table at your campsite. Your baby will love being able to sit at the table with everyone and share a meal. We loved using this with our 2nd child and will be getting other one this time around. We do not recommend this for inside RV because they are usually too thin and not sturdy enough to hold the weight.

Other Mealtime Items We Recommend:

Play Time

When we had kids we wanted to keep doing the activities we enjoyed but having to get a babysitter can be difficult while on the road. My husband and I decided we would just take them with us.

Our kids have hiked and biked with us as babies and toddlers and we all have fun. I find that is important to do this if you have older children as well, because it will keep them busy and the baby will just be along for the ride. Most likely they will fall asleep while they are in a carrier. If not point out different plants, animals, and colors to them to keep them engaged while exploring the outdoors.

Tips For Playtime

  • Keep a bin of toys in your camper, they will seem new to your child and keep them more entertained then the toys they always play with at home
  • Keep things simple and take them for a stroll around the campground or to the playground
  • Let them explore the outdoors
  • Don’t be afraid to let them get dirty

Playtime Items We Recommend:

Nap Time

To make sure your baby or toddler is a happy camper, it is important for them to get enough sleep. Some tips on how to get your child to sleep better in a unfamiliar place is to have them use the bassinet or portable bed they will be sleeping in the camper in your home so it becomes a familiar space for them. Bring a favorite blanket or lovey. If they are having difficulty sleeping due to the noise, try a sound machine. When all else fails take them for a long walk around the campground in their stroller.

Nap Time Items We Recommend:

Safety Concerns

One tip we can give when having little ones in a RV is to make sure you baby proof as you would your home. Unfortunately, from experience we have found you can not trust the screen door to hold the weight of your baby or toddler. They can easily push it open, causing them to fall out the door. We know it’s not possible to always keep the storm door shut so invest in a baby gate for your door.

Luckily my husband is handy so he made this custom one out of an old screen door frame. Our son, Logan, is not impressed by his jail, lol but it keeps him safe!

We like to let our little one play on the awning rug with his toys. So another habit that is good to get into is to folding up the steps to the door when you are outside, that prevents babies & toddlers from climbing up the steps and again prevents an unnecessary fall. It doesn’t seem to matter how closely you watch your kids they move quick and always seem to find everything they are supposed to stay away from.

Keep Them Protected From the Elements

  • Use mosquito netting for strollers and pack n’ plays when outdoors
  • Once old enough, use an all natural sunscreen and bug repellent
  • Protect them from the sun when on the beach with a sunshade
  • Place a gate around the firepit or keep them inside or in a pack n’ play when having a campfire

Safety Items We Recommend:

I hope theses tips will help you have a great camping trip with your family. It may seem like a lot of work to pack up the gear but it is so worth it and so much easier to travel in an RV then trying to go to a hotel. For more tips on traveling with kids, read Vacationing with Kids in an RV. Have you taken your first trip with baby yet? What is your favorite tip or gear when camping with your infant?


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