I found a great new trend that I love being a part of the RV sticker club – sticker swapping for RV’ers.  I originally found this by chance on Instagram #rvstickerclub and love the community it builds. RV businesses, bloggers, vloggers, and traveling families are using stickers to connect with one another and you can too!  Here’s what we love about building our collection:



The thing I love most about trading stickers is the community it builds among RV’ers.  I enjoy following others travels online however there is definitely a disconnect. Trading stickers with others adds a realness to their stories and I love having a part of that with us when we travel. In addition to trading online, you can also hand out or swap stickers with other travelers you meet on the road. This can be a great reminder of your shared experiences.



Let’s be honest it’s fun to start a collection.  I like to see what locations I can get stickers from, and what shapes and logos people have.  It’s also exciting to collect stickers from my favorite bloggers or businesses. In addition to collecting stickers from my sticker swapping, I also like to collect them as souvenirs from places we have visited.  This can be a fun activity even for full time travelers since the stickers take up very little room.

“The reason why everyone is having fun trading stickers is:

1. It’s a way to meet new RV like minded people.  

2. It’s giving us mail to receive. Not many people get mail anymore (expect bills and junk mail).  

3. It’s like getting Christmas cards at different times of the year.”

@ratrodsam – RV Sticker Trader


In addition to online community, the stickers can provide a way to meet new people at the campsite.  The Crafty Voyager says “when giving a tour of their RV they show off their sticker collection that they trade with other RV’ers.” How exciting would it be when you are on the road to see another traveler with the same sticker as you, or better yet they have your sticker on their RV!  What a great conversation starter.


How to get started

Want to start your own sticker collection?  Join in on the fun, here’s where you should begin:

Choose a Name

If you are just starting out you will want to think of a name that reflects your family’s travels.  It could be a business, name of your blog, or use an existing Instagram handle.

Create a Logo

If your name isn’t related to a business or blog that you already have then you will need to create a new logo.  You can get really creative and personalize one that reflects you and your family, your interests, or location.  A easy tool to create logos is Canva. If you are not the creative type you can purchase a pre-made logo on Etsy or have someone make one for, an inexpensive option is to use Fivver.

Order Stickers

Once you have your design down, it’s time to order your stickers.  I recommend using Sticker Mule the stickers are vinyl and are durable and weatherproof making them perfect for placing on the exterior on an RV. The most common sized used are 3″- 4″.

Connect with others

Once you have your own stickers, you can start trading with others. You can find people to connect on Instagram #rvstickerclub. When we started, I simply commented on the sticker post or sent a DM to the person to request a sticker swap. If interested, they will give their mailing address and you will give them yours. You will then mail them your sticker and wait for theirs in return.  Here are the names of a few traders to contact to get you started:

You can also join our Facebook Group which is for those that love the RV Life and want to swap stickers & stories. I hope this community will allow us to learn more about each other and build a common place where fellow sticker swappers can find each other or learn more about the process.

Display your stickers

Once you receive your first sticker its time to display it!  There are so many ways to display your stickers, here are some of our ideas:

  • Photo Album
  • Scrapbook
  • Bulletin board
  • Picture frame
  • Interior wall of RV
  • Slide
  • Exterior Door
  • Water bottles
  • Cooler
  • Laptop
So there you have it, the reasons why you need to join the  Rv Sticker Club and how to get started. Love getting Happy Mail? Check out What Campers Love about Out of the Box Camping – a quarterly subscription box for RV Enthusiasts.  We can help you get your RV Life sticker collection started!  Request a FREE Out of the Box camping sticker here.  Let us know, what do you like to collect?


  1. Shannon Minner

    I am ordering some Sticker Mule stickers thanks to you and your Instagram posts. I can’t wait to trade with someone.

    • OOTBCamping

      Yay, so glad you are joining in on the fun. Can’t wait to swap stickers with you!

  2. Maria

    Love this!!!

    • OOTBCamping

      Thank you, would love to trade stickers with you!

  3. Sam Micek

    Awesome community.. Great way to meet New friends

  4. Ally Henry

    This sounds like so much fun! I signed up with Sticker Mule and I can’t wait to make my first sticker and trade! I love snail mail!! 😀

    • OOTBCamping

      That’s so great, can’t wait to trade with you!


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