Are you a subscription box junkie? I am a lover of subscription boxes so much so that I created my own! As an avid camper I couldn’t find a camping subscription box that wasn’t geared towards the survivalist type camper, which I am definitely not. My family of 5 and I like to camp in our travel trailer, enjoy camping with the comforts of our own home, and (gasp) even enjoy full hook-ups when they are available. Yes I still consider this camping and if you do too, then boy do I have a subscription box for you!

What it’s all about

Out of the Box Camping is a quarterly subscription box for campers, glampers, & RV enthusiasts. We carefully curate each box around a chosen theme and choose 6-8 full size items that we love and think you will too. Each season a new box is mailed to your door with great new products for you to use during your next RV adventure. Some of the products we like to include are lifestyle products, RV accessories, organizational items & more. We work with big brands such as Tervis, Camco, and Wilcor and also choose handmade items from small artisans we find on Etsy. In addition we love supporting other RV’ers and use businesses who are campers themselves, some even run their business from their RV while they travel full time! Check out What’s Inside.


The Spring Box – RV Essentials


One of the great thing about subscription boxes in general is that they provide great value. The way subscription boxes work (if you don;t know) is that the subscription box owner purchases items at wholesale costs and then bundles them at a “package price” which is what you pay for the subscription. Therefore, you are getting exciting new products at costs much lower then retail prices. Out of the Box Camping subscription boxes are $49.95 with free shipping! It includes 6-8 full size products with a value of at least $75 each box. This doesn’t even include the shipping costs that you would have to pay if you were purchasing the items separately which can cost you an average of an additional $10. So who wouldn’t want to get $75 or more worth of products for $50? As an added bonus each box gets exclusive discounts to our partnered brands, so if you discover an item you love you can purchase it at a discounted price next time around.


Another great things about subscription boxes is you will discover new products that you really love that you may not have found otherwise. Doing research of the best products can take a lot of time and patience. That’s where the subscription box comes in. Out of the Box Camping does the research and tests the products before curating each box so you only get items that truly work and that we think you will enjoy.


Listen to why Janine Petit from the Girl Camper Podcast loved the Out of the Box Camping Subscription Box in her Girl Camper Podcast episode 164: Spring Gear Guide.

New Campers

If you are new to camping you may not know where to start with what products you need so getting a subscription box full of products can help you find things you like or maybe even some you don’t and that’s ok. If you don’t like a product think of it as a learning experience. You didn’t have to pay full price for that item at the store and now you know what to look for in a different product.

Experienced Campers

Even experienced campers need to discover new products. I know as an camper myself, I can get stuck in a rut using the same products over and over. Many times new products come out that are better, more efficient or less expensive but I am too afraid to try them. Getting the product shipped to you in a subscription box gives you a chance to try new things without the fear of trying something new and as a reduced price.

Happy Mail

The thing I love most about subscription boxes – Happy Mail! Seriously, I just love getting those surprise boxes delivered to my doorstep, don’t you? It really feels like Christmas and is a great way to treat myself. I get so excited opening the boxes and seeing what great items I will get. In addition to treating yourself, they can also make a unique gift. A subscription box offers an experience that a normal present doesn’t deliver. It can be a unique gift for those hard to buy for folks that have everything and be the gift that keeps on giving if you decide to purchase them an annual subscription. This is actually one of the reasons why I started Out of the Box Camping. We have a lot of campers in our family and I wanted to purchase a camping subscription box for them, but like I said before I couldn’t find one that was for the RV community.

What if you don’t like an item you receive?

I know a lot of people have a hard time with subscription boxes because they are afraid they won’t like what they get or may get something they already have. Here are some suggestions of what to do with the item:

  • Donate it (it may even be tax deductible)
  • Pay it Forward – Surprise a friend or family member with it. Just because you didn’t like the item doesn’t mean someone else won’t love it. Put a smile on someones face by gifting the them the item(s) you don’t like or need.
  • Sell it – One persons “trash” is another person treasure. Hold a garage sale, post on the Facebook Marketplace or a marketplace group that is specific for RV’ers to make some extra cash.
  • Trade it – There are BST Facebook groups specific to subscription boxes where you can trade items.
  • Re-purpose it
  • Contact Us – We don’t want you to be unhappy with a particular box or product. Please reach out to us so we can help make it right.

What Others are Saying

Check out the reviews from other campers that have received our box:

You can also see reviews from our subscribers here.



Do you want to be part of the Out of the Box Camping Community. Subscribe today! Your first box will ship within 5-7 business days. Watch out for that happy mail! What is your favorite thing about receiving subscription boxes? Let us know in the comments.


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