If you have little ones you seriously need to consider taking an RV on your next vacation.  We recently took our RV for our first beach vacation with three kids.  Our kids were 8 years old, 5 years old, and 10 months at the time.  It superseded any beach vacation we ever took in a hotel.  Here are the reasons why we recommend taking your next vacation in an RV:


Our beach vacation in Myrtle Beach cost less than $500 for seven nights and eight days for our campsite.  We traveled from Upstate NY and stayed 1 night in a parking lot on the way home to save money.  Since we could cook on site at our grill or in the kitchen in our RV we also saved a lot of money on food.  There were so many activities on the campground that there was also not a need to spend extra money on additional site seeing activities.  We only headed out one day to the aquarium.  Here is our costs broken down for our trip:

Lodging: $455.46

Food: $186.47

Eating Out: $146.96

Activities: $86.96

Souvenirs: $61.25

Gas: $612.45

Tolls: $128.67

GRAND TOTAL: $1678.22


 RV resorts are all the rage right now. Most campgrounds cater to families. They have beach access, pools, waterparks, arcades, and playgrounds. During high times like Spring break and summer months most have organized children activities like crafts and games in their common area. We have yet to find a hotel that includes all of these amenities.Some of our favorite family friends RV resorts:


Easier Mealtimes

No more fighting with your children to sit at the restaurant begging them to eat.  No long wait for the food to arrive, worrying if they are being too loud or having to deal with them throwing tantrums.  All you have to do is grill up some hot dogs and you are good to go.  You will also experience lower costs since you aren’t eating out for every meal.  Just use your normal grocery budget to get the food to prepare your meals at the campsite. We love to meal prep. The summer box from Out of the Box Camping includes a great meal planning notepad that I use to plan out my meals for each week, even when we aren’t camping.


You can choose your campsite to be right next to the pool, playground or beach to make life easier for you.  When staying at the beach, our campsite was steps away from the Ocean.  This made things so convenient, especially with a baby in tow. If he started getting cranky, my husband or I could take him back to the camper for naps without interfering with the older kids fun.  Also trekking all of the kids toys, beach chairs etc wasn’t an issue since we were so close and if we forgot something all we had to do was head back to the camper and a minute later we were good to go.  I know that any hotels that we previously stayed at we would have to walk through hallways and have an elevator ride in order to get to the beach which put a damper on the fun.

Packing Ease

Packing for a vacation can be a nightmare, but I find that packing an RV is much easier.   You don’t have to try to fit everything in a suitcase. Also if you have the camper at your home first you can load everything directly into the camper and don’t have to lug around 5 suitcases (in our case one for each member of the family). You can also easily pack a highchair, pack n’ play, and other baby gear saving you money from having to rent it at your destination.

Better Routines

Having the kids bedding, will help them sleep better. If you have your own camper kids will get used to it like a second home so vacationing will not alter their routines.  Our kids like having their own space that they are familiar with.  When we take vacations in our RV there isn’t a transition period of them getting comfortable to their surroundings, they are used to our camper and therefore there is less tantrums and we can stick to their normal eating schedule and bedtime routines.

Downtime for Parents

When you have an RV, you can put the kids to bed, and then you and your significant other can sit out side and enjoy some quiet time around the campfire. have a glass of wine and partake in a nice talk without out little ones interrupting. If you have older kids and are able to leave them alone, many campground offer concerts or shows for adults that you can walk to in the evenings.

I hope these gives you a good idea of why a vacation in an RV is a great option when you have kids.  The best part is you don’t need to own your own camper to do it. There are campgrounds that offer RV or cabin rentals. There are also RV sharing platforms where you can rent an RV in your local area and drive it to your location or have one set up at a campground for you.  I recommend to check out Outdoorsy if you are looking to rent an RV. 

Do you take family vacations in an RV?  What do you love about it?  I would love to hear your thoughts – just post them in the comments.  If you are looking for more tips on RVing with kids, check out Tips to have a Successful Roaddtrip with Kids.


Happy Camping!



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