The RV Sticker Club

The RV Sticker Club

I found a great new trend that I love being a part of the RV sticker club – sticker swapping for RV’ers.  I originally found this by chance on Instagram #rvstickerclub and love the community it builds. RV businesses, bloggers, vloggers, and traveling families are using stickers to connect with one another and you can too!  Here’s what we love about building our collection:



The thing I love most about trading stickers is the community it builds among RV’ers.  I enjoy following others travels online however there is definitely a disconnect. Trading stickers with others adds a realness to their stories and I love having a part of that with us when we travel. In addition to trading online, you can also hand out or swap stickers with other travelers you meet on the road. This can be a great reminder of your shared experiences.



Let’s be honest it’s fun to start a collection.  I like to see what locations I can get stickers from, and what shapes and logos people have.  It’s also exciting to collect stickers from my favorite bloggers or businesses. In addition to collecting stickers from my sticker swapping, I also like to collect them as souvenirs from places we have visited.  This can be a fun activity even for full time travelers since the stickers take up very little room.

“The reason why everyone is having fun trading stickers is:

1. It’s a way to meet new RV like minded people.  

2. It’s giving us mail to receive. Not many people get mail anymore (expect bills and junk mail).  

3. It’s like getting Christmas cards at different times of the year.”

@ratrodsam – RV Sticker Trader


In addition to online community, the stickers can provide a way to meet new people at the campsite.  The Crafty Voyager says “when giving a tour of their RV they show off their sticker collection that they trade with other RV’ers.” How exciting would it be when you are on the road to see another traveler with the same sticker as you, or better yet they have your sticker on their RV!  What a great conversation starter.


How to get started

Want to start your own sticker collection?  Join in on the fun, here’s where you should begin:

Choose a Name

If you are just starting out you will want to think of a name that reflects your family’s travels.  It could be a business, name of your blog, or use an existing Instagram handle.

Create a Logo

If your name isn’t related to a business or blog that you already have then you will need to create a new logo.  You can get really creative and personalize one that reflects you and your family, your interests, or location.  A easy tool to create logos is Canva. If you are not the creative type you can purchase a pre-made logo on Etsy or have someone make one for, an inexpensive option is to use Fivver.

Order Stickers

Once you have your design down, it’s time to order your stickers.  I recommend using Sticker Mule the stickers are vinyl and are durable and weatherproof making them perfect for placing on the exterior on an RV. The most common sized used are 3″- 4″.

Connect with others

Once you have your own stickers, you can start trading with others. You can find people to connect on Instagram #rvstickerclub. When we started, I simply commented on the sticker post or sent a DM to the person to request a sticker swap. If interested, they will give their mailing address and you will give them yours. You will then mail them your sticker and wait for theirs in return.  Here are the names of a few traders to contact to get you started:

You can also join our Facebook Group which is for those that love the RV Life and want to swap stickers & stories. I hope this community will allow us to learn more about each other and build a common place where fellow sticker swappers can find each other or learn more about the process.

Display your stickers

Once you receive your first sticker its time to display it!  There are so many ways to display your stickers, here are some of our ideas:

  • Photo Album
  • Scrapbook
  • Bulletin board
  • Picture frame
  • Interior wall of RV
  • Slide
  • Exterior Door
  • Water bottles
  • Cooler
  • Laptop
So there you have it, the reasons why you need to join the  Rv Sticker Club and how to get started. Love getting Happy Mail? Check out What Campers Love about Out of the Box Camping – a quarterly subscription box for RV Enthusiasts.  We can help you get your RV Life sticker collection started!  Request a FREE Out of the Box camping sticker here.  Let us know, what do you like to collect?

What Campers Love about Out of the Box Camping

What Campers Love about Out of the Box Camping

Are you a subscription box junkie? I am a lover of subscription boxes so much so that I created my own! As an avid camper I couldn’t find a camping subscription box that wasn’t geared towards the survivalist type camper, which I am definitely not. My family of 5 and I like to camp in our travel trailer, enjoy camping with the comforts of our own home, and (gasp) even enjoy full hook-ups when they are available. Yes I still consider this camping and if you do too, then boy do I have a subscription box for you!

What it’s all about

Out of the Box Camping is a quarterly subscription box for campers, glampers, & RV enthusiasts. We carefully curate each box around a chosen theme and choose 6-8 full size items that we love and think you will too. Each season a new box is mailed to your door with great new products for you to use during your next RV adventure. Some of the products we like to include are lifestyle products, RV accessories, organizational items & more. We work with big brands such as Tervis, Camco, and Wilcor and also choose handmade items from small artisans we find on Etsy. In addition we love supporting other RV’ers and use businesses who are campers themselves, some even run their business from their RV while they travel full time! Check out What’s Inside.


The Spring Box – RV Essentials


One of the great thing about subscription boxes in general is that they provide great value. The way subscription boxes work (if you don;t know) is that the subscription box owner purchases items at wholesale costs and then bundles them at a “package price” which is what you pay for the subscription. Therefore, you are getting exciting new products at costs much lower then retail prices. Out of the Box Camping subscription boxes are $49.95 with free shipping! It includes 6-8 full size products with a value of at least $75 each box. This doesn’t even include the shipping costs that you would have to pay if you were purchasing the items separately which can cost you an average of an additional $10. So who wouldn’t want to get $75 or more worth of products for $50? As an added bonus each box gets exclusive discounts to our partnered brands, so if you discover an item you love you can purchase it at a discounted price next time around.


Another great things about subscription boxes is you will discover new products that you really love that you may not have found otherwise. Doing research of the best products can take a lot of time and patience. That’s where the subscription box comes in. Out of the Box Camping does the research and tests the products before curating each box so you only get items that truly work and that we think you will enjoy.


Listen to why Janine Petit from the Girl Camper Podcast loved the Out of the Box Camping Subscription Box in her Girl Camper Podcast episode 164: Spring Gear Guide.

New Campers

If you are new to camping you may not know where to start with what products you need so getting a subscription box full of products can help you find things you like or maybe even some you don’t and that’s ok. If you don’t like a product think of it as a learning experience. You didn’t have to pay full price for that item at the store and now you know what to look for in a different product.

Experienced Campers

Even experienced campers need to discover new products. I know as an camper myself, I can get stuck in a rut using the same products over and over. Many times new products come out that are better, more efficient or less expensive but I am too afraid to try them. Getting the product shipped to you in a subscription box gives you a chance to try new things without the fear of trying something new and as a reduced price.

Happy Mail

The thing I love most about subscription boxes – Happy Mail! Seriously, I just love getting those surprise boxes delivered to my doorstep, don’t you? It really feels like Christmas and is a great way to treat myself. I get so excited opening the boxes and seeing what great items I will get. In addition to treating yourself, they can also make a unique gift. A subscription box offers an experience that a normal present doesn’t deliver. It can be a unique gift for those hard to buy for folks that have everything and be the gift that keeps on giving if you decide to purchase them an annual subscription. This is actually one of the reasons why I started Out of the Box Camping. We have a lot of campers in our family and I wanted to purchase a camping subscription box for them, but like I said before I couldn’t find one that was for the RV community.

What if you don’t like an item you receive?

I know a lot of people have a hard time with subscription boxes because they are afraid they won’t like what they get or may get something they already have. Here are some suggestions of what to do with the item:

  • Donate it (it may even be tax deductible)
  • Pay it Forward – Surprise a friend or family member with it. Just because you didn’t like the item doesn’t mean someone else won’t love it. Put a smile on someones face by gifting the them the item(s) you don’t like or need.
  • Sell it – One persons “trash” is another person treasure. Hold a garage sale, post on the Facebook Marketplace or a marketplace group that is specific for RV’ers to make some extra cash.
  • Trade it – There are BST Facebook groups specific to subscription boxes where you can trade items.
  • Re-purpose it
  • Contact Us – We don’t want you to be unhappy with a particular box or product. Please reach out to us so we can help make it right.

What Others are Saying

Check out the reviews from other campers that have received our box:

You can also see reviews from our subscribers here.



Do you want to be part of the Out of the Box Camping Community. Subscribe today! Your first box will ship within 5-7 business days. Watch out for that happy mail! What is your favorite thing about receiving subscription boxes? Let us know in the comments.

Vacationing with Kids in an RV

Vacationing with Kids in an RV

If you have little ones you seriously need to consider taking an RV on your next vacation.  We recently took our RV for our first beach vacation with three kids.  Our kids were 8 years old, 5 years old, and 10 months at the time.  It superseded any beach vacation we ever took in a hotel.  Here are the reasons why we recommend taking your next vacation in an RV:


Our beach vacation in Myrtle Beach cost less than $500 for seven nights and eight days for our campsite.  We traveled from Upstate NY and stayed 1 night in a parking lot on the way home to save money.  Since we could cook on site at our grill or in the kitchen in our RV we also saved a lot of money on food.  There were so many activities on the campground that there was also not a need to spend extra money on additional site seeing activities.  We only headed out one day to the aquarium.  Here is our costs broken down for our trip:

Lodging: $455.46

Food: $186.47

Eating Out: $146.96

Activities: $86.96

Souvenirs: $61.25

Gas: $612.45

Tolls: $128.67

GRAND TOTAL: $1678.22


 RV resorts are all the rage right now. Most campgrounds cater to families. They have beach access, pools, waterparks, arcades, and playgrounds. During high times like Spring break and summer months most have organized children activities like crafts and games in their common area. We have yet to find a hotel that includes all of these amenities.Some of our favorite family friends RV resorts:


Easier Mealtimes

No more fighting with your children to sit at the restaurant begging them to eat.  No long wait for the food to arrive, worrying if they are being too loud or having to deal with them throwing tantrums.  All you have to do is grill up some hot dogs and you are good to go.  You will also experience lower costs since you aren’t eating out for every meal.  Just use your normal grocery budget to get the food to prepare your meals at the campsite. We love to meal prep. The summer box from Out of the Box Camping includes a great meal planning notepad that I use to plan out my meals for each week, even when we aren’t camping.


You can choose your campsite to be right next to the pool, playground or beach to make life easier for you.  When staying at the beach, our campsite was steps away from the Ocean.  This made things so convenient, especially with a baby in tow. If he started getting cranky, my husband or I could take him back to the camper for naps without interfering with the older kids fun.  Also trekking all of the kids toys, beach chairs etc wasn’t an issue since we were so close and if we forgot something all we had to do was head back to the camper and a minute later we were good to go.  I know that any hotels that we previously stayed at we would have to walk through hallways and have an elevator ride in order to get to the beach which put a damper on the fun.

Packing Ease

Packing for a vacation can be a nightmare, but I find that packing an RV is much easier.   You don’t have to try to fit everything in a suitcase. Also if you have the camper at your home first you can load everything directly into the camper and don’t have to lug around 5 suitcases (in our case one for each member of the family). You can also easily pack a highchair, pack n’ play, and other baby gear saving you money from having to rent it at your destination.

Better Routines

Having the kids bedding, will help them sleep better. If you have your own camper kids will get used to it like a second home so vacationing will not alter their routines.  Our kids like having their own space that they are familiar with.  When we take vacations in our RV there isn’t a transition period of them getting comfortable to their surroundings, they are used to our camper and therefore there is less tantrums and we can stick to their normal eating schedule and bedtime routines.

Downtime for Parents

When you have an RV, you can put the kids to bed, and then you and your significant other can sit out side and enjoy some quiet time around the campfire. have a glass of wine and partake in a nice talk without out little ones interrupting. If you have older kids and are able to leave them alone, many campground offer concerts or shows for adults that you can walk to in the evenings.

I hope these gives you a good idea of why a vacation in an RV is a great option when you have kids.  The best part is you don’t need to own your own camper to do it. There are campgrounds that offer RV or cabin rentals. There are also RV sharing platforms where you can rent an RV in your local area and drive it to your location or have one set up at a campground for you.  I recommend to check out Outdoorsy if you are looking to rent an RV. 

Do you take family vacations in an RV?  What do you love about it?  I would love to hear your thoughts – just post them in the comments.  If you are looking for more tips on RVing with kids, check out Tips to have a Successful Roaddtrip with Kids.


Happy Camping!


Tips to have a Successful RV Road trip with Kids

Tips to have a Successful RV Road trip with Kids

Road trips with little ones can be difficult. However, with the right mindset and some proper planning you can enjoy your vacation. Here are some tips on how to reduce the stress on those long rides. Whether you are in a truck, SUV, motorhome, or campervan this list should do the trick in making everyone happy.





Plan Activities



I started creating activity bags for the kids for long road trips even before we began RVing. The kids are now excited each time we have a big trip coming up because they know they will be getting some fun things to do while traveling. I pack a bag for each child and put in items that be done in the car. Some of the things I have included are travel games, coloring books, drawing materials, travel journals, and books. Try to get one new item for each hour traveling and hand them out as they get bored. Some of the kids favorite items they have received and kept them occupied the longest were:







You can find great budget friendly options at The Dollar Tree, Five Below, or the dollar bins at Target.




We also like to play games as a family. This past trip we enjoyed playing Which Would You Choose (A Would You Rather type app I downloaded on my Iphone), 5 Second Rule (we use just the cards to play in the car), and of course I Spy is also a classic that is fun for all ages.





Pack Snacks



Let’s face it, we all get hangry. Having drinks and snacks packed can save you arguments and time so that you don’t have to stop anywhere. We keep a cooler with water and juices and hearty snacks like cheese and crackers, fruit, trail mix, and granola bars that will help get us to the next meal.




Our family likes to take our lunch or dinner breaks at a rest stop. We get out and stretch and let the kids eat in the camper. It gives them a break from sitting in their car seats. It also seems to refresh them and lets us get back on the road more easily.





Be Flexible



When you have kids things never go according to plan. You may need to take three more potty breaks then you planned, take a trip to the store for a forgotten item (diapers anyone?) or make an unexpected stop. On our trip to Myrtle Beach, SC we planned on driving from Upstate New York to Virginia (about 8 hours) for our first day on the road. We ended up dealing with unexpected storms and accidentally taking the “scenic route” more often then we would have liked. After 10 hours of driving we were still 2 hours away from our first stop where we had already made reservations.




There was more bad weather coming in so I made the executive decision that we had traveled enough for the day and used the Good Sam Club app to find a local campground. I called and verified they had a campsite available and we headed that way. We had to forfeit the deposit we made at the other campground but the kids were so much happier. We were even able to enjoy dinner at the campground, a bike ride, and time on the playground.





Enjoy the Journey



This is a tough one for me. When traveling, I’m used to trying to get to the destination as quickly as possible so that I can enjoy my vacation. While RVing, the trip can take longer because you are traveling at lower speeds and have to take detours to accommodate the weight and size of your vehicle. I had to adjust my attitude and try to enjoy the uninterrupted time in the truck with my family. Once I changed my mindset to find joy in the journey, I enjoyed viewing the sites out the window such as the blue skies, green gas, and the leaves on the trees (in mid-April they had yet to arrive in Upstate NY). We got to pass old barns, farm animals, point out boats in the Chesapeake Bay, and even caught a glimpse of the Washington monument.





Use Screentime



Let’s face it we all have our limit and can only do so much entertaining of the kiddos. When it gets to the point when they won’t settle down and have asked “Are we there Yet?” for the 100th time, give yourself a little grace and pull out that Ipad and let them watch a movie or play a game. It will allow you all to decompress and will work wonders for your nerves.




Once we get to the campground, we institute a no electronics policy, so giving them a little extra time on the drive works for us.




I hope these tips will allow you to find some peace in your journey!  For more tips for camping with kids, check out Top 5 Ways to Use Duct Tape When Camping with Kids.




 Happy Camping!