Yay, spring is finally here and it’s that time of year we have all been waiting for, camping season! Before you start cleaning and packing the camper there is some general maintenance that should be performed each year so that you can try to avoid any mishaps and enjoy your adventures.


Look at the age of the battery and test the voltage. Make sure its fully charged and posts are clean. Unfortunately ours did not past the test this year, even though it is only two years old. Luckily we found this out ahead of time instead of while on our trip, can you imagine the problems that would have occurred traveling 1000 miles and finding out the battery was dead?!

Exterior Wash & Inspection

Examine the doors, moldings, seams, seals, roof vents, and antennae.
Check interior, exterior, and trailer lights to make sure they are working properly. Clean the roof, sides and then awning and make sure there are no leaks. An inexpensive cleaning product that works great is Awesome All Purpose Cleaner.


Inspect windows. Lube window slides to ensure they move smoothly. Use the 3-in-1 RV Care Window Lubricant that is included in the Spring Box subscription box from Out of the Box Camping. For instructions on how to use the Window lubricant see this video from RV Education 101.

Appliances & Electronics

Remove the refrigerator vent cover (on the roof) and the AC shroud to make sure they are free of debris. Check the refrigerator vent and hot water heater on the side of camper to make sure they are clean. Examine the anode rod (if applicable) clean or replace if needed. Turn on refrigerator let it run for 1-2 days on gas and then electric to verify it’s working. Try all other appliances and electronics to make sure they are functioning properly. Including the heater, air conditioning, stove, microwave, television, etc.


Change batteries in the carbon monoxide and smoke detector(s). Test to see if they are defective. Replace if over 10 years old. Verify fire extinguisher is installed.


Test brakes. Check tires for dry rot and thread wear. Check tire pressure. and spare tires(s). View under carriage, inspect frame, hitch, suspension, tongue jack, and stability jacks.


Use the slide(s) if you have them to verify they are functioning. Administer Slide out lubricant to ensure they slide smoothly.


Check for leaks. Fill tanks for the season.


Dewinterize the water system and disinfect lines. Replace water filter if applicable. Clean the holding tank. Use Aqua-kem including the Spring Out of the Box Camping subscription box. For tips on how to take care of the your toilet system listen to this podcast from RVFTA.

To keep track of your maintenance, you can download our printable checklist RV Opening Checklist. Once you are finished performing your maintenance you can go ahead and start cleaning the interior, organizing, and packing the camper. Stay tuned for additional blog posts with our favorite tips on how to complete those tasks.  What ways do you tend to the maintenance of your RV?


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