Mothers Day Gift Guide for Campers

Mothers Day Gift Guide for Campers

Mothers day is just around the corner!  If you have a mom that’s hard to buy for but loves camping, check out our gift guide for inspiration.


If your mom travels a lot to different campgrounds she may benefit from some of the different membership plans that are available. Some of our favorites are:

  • Passport America: Get 50% off participating campsites nationwide
  • Harvest Hosts: Stay at participating wineries, museums, and farms, receive 15% off with this link!
  • Good Sam Club: Save 10% off at a large variety of campgrounds or purchase a Roadside assistance membership to ensure your mom’s safety while she is traveling.
tote bag


Is it possible for a women to have too many accessories? Get your mom a cute new camping tote, leggings, or hat from the Out of the Box Camping online shop.

Wine Tumblers

Treat your mom to a bottle of wine or new wine glasses that are perfect for camping! We love the Camco Wine Tumbler Set pictured. Pair it with a bottle of Happy Camper Wine for the perfect gift.

Subscription Box

Out of the Box Camping is a quarterly subscription box for Campers, Glampers, & RV Enthusiasts!  Purchase a one time box or an annual plan for the gift that keeps on giving. Perfect for the mom that has everything.

Kitchen Supplies

We love kitchen supplies that are camping friendly. One of our favorites are Camp Causal nesting bowls. They make storing a breeze and are the perfect sizes for your mom to make her famous pasta, potato, and macaroni salads while camping.


We hope these suggestions will make your mom a happy camper. What camping gifts have you given your mom in the past that she loved?

Happy Camping!

Top 5 Ways to Use Duct Tape When Camping with kids

Top 5 Ways to Use Duct Tape When Camping with kids

Duct tape has many uses and can be especially helpful while camping with kids. Use any roll of duct tape that you have laying around in the garage, colorful duct tape that you can find at your local Dollar Tree, or fun prints that are available at the craft store. The Happy Camper duct tape pictured was included in the Out of the Box Camping Spring Box. Out of the Box Camping is a quarterly subscription box for RV Enthusiasts.

Trail Marker

The kids and I love to go hiking and exploring when we camp. We have found that using pieces of Duct tape to mark your trail works great. Just be sure that on the way back you remove your trail markings so that you leave the area as you found it.


Let’s face it, kids can be destructive. Instead of throwing things away, give it a second life using duct tape as a temporary fix.. Bag chairs, pool floats, broken sunglasses or flip flops – the possibilities are endless. It may not make the item last forever but it’s a quick fix that will get you through the camping trip so that you don’t have to make a trip to the store to replace the item when most likely you have others at home.


Are the kids fighting over who’s cup it is again? Using duct tape on the cups can solve this! You can place any duct tape on them and write with a sharpie or you can glamp it up and use the decorative duct tapes that are available. Have each child pick their own print and use that tape to mark that child’s cup or other belongings. No more guesswork and no more fighting (about that anyways). I also like putting a bit of tape around the stem of my wine glasses that way the hubby can’t accidentally take mine.

Tape it

Of course you can always use duct tape for it’s intended purpose of taping things. Tape your tablecloth down, use it to seal packages of food, or tape a bandage on a wound.

Rainy Day Activity

If the weather is uncooperative and you are stuck inside with the kids duct tape can make for a fun activity. No don’t use it to tie the kids up, do crafts! Check out this awesome Duct tape water bottle holder from There’s Just One Mommy. You can use the water bottle holder on a bike ride once the sun comes back out. Another great craft is Duct Tape Boats that use can use to have a race in all of those puddles. For older kids try making this duct tape wallet. You can give them a few dollars to put in it and send them to the camp store to get a treat.

I hope this list gives you some great ideas on how to use that duct tape you have lying around for some new purposes. What have you found to be the most useful way to use duct tape while camping? 


Opening Your RV

Opening Your RV

Yay, spring is finally here and it’s that time of year we have all been waiting for, camping season! Before you start cleaning and packing the camper there is some general maintenance that should be performed each year so that you can try to avoid any mishaps and enjoy your adventures.


Look at the age of the battery and test the voltage. Make sure its fully charged and posts are clean. Unfortunately ours did not past the test this year, even though it is only two years old. Luckily we found this out ahead of time instead of while on our trip, can you imagine the problems that would have occurred traveling 1000 miles and finding out the battery was dead?!

Exterior Wash & Inspection

Examine the doors, moldings, seams, seals, roof vents, and antennae.
Check interior, exterior, and trailer lights to make sure they are working properly. Clean the roof, sides and then awning and make sure there are no leaks. An inexpensive cleaning product that works great is Awesome All Purpose Cleaner.


Inspect windows. Lube window slides to ensure they move smoothly. Use the 3-in-1 RV Care Window Lubricant that is included in the Spring Box subscription box from Out of the Box Camping. For instructions on how to use the Window lubricant see this video from RV Education 101.

Appliances & Electronics

Remove the refrigerator vent cover (on the roof) and the AC shroud to make sure they are free of debris. Check the refrigerator vent and hot water heater on the side of camper to make sure they are clean. Examine the anode rod (if applicable) clean or replace if needed. Turn on refrigerator let it run for 1-2 days on gas and then electric to verify it’s working. Try all other appliances and electronics to make sure they are functioning properly. Including the heater, air conditioning, stove, microwave, television, etc.


Change batteries in the carbon monoxide and smoke detector(s). Test to see if they are defective. Replace if over 10 years old. Verify fire extinguisher is installed.


Test brakes. Check tires for dry rot and thread wear. Check tire pressure. and spare tires(s). View under carriage, inspect frame, hitch, suspension, tongue jack, and stability jacks.


Use the slide(s) if you have them to verify they are functioning. Administer Slide out lubricant to ensure they slide smoothly.


Check for leaks. Fill tanks for the season.


Dewinterize the water system and disinfect lines. Replace water filter if applicable. Clean the holding tank. Use Aqua-kem including the Spring Out of the Box Camping subscription box. For tips on how to take care of the your toilet system listen to this podcast from RVFTA.

To keep track of your maintenance, you can download our printable checklist RV Opening Checklist. Once you are finished performing your maintenance you can go ahead and start cleaning the interior, organizing, and packing the camper. Stay tuned for additional blog posts with our favorite tips on how to complete those tasks.  What ways do you tend to the maintenance of your RV?